About the Author


I’m Udunma Nnenna IKoro, a seasoned inspirational, educational and lifestyle copywriter. I love writing, teaching and inspiring  individuals thus helping entrepreneurs and start ups on being productive, having a balanced personal and successful business life.


My craft is to create a fascinating and engaging content for your readers using my specialty knowledge prowess about life, business, and top notch research. I help individuals and business owners to achieve their marketing goals.


If you are an individual that knows what to write but anytime you pick your pen, the ideas do not flow easily?


Are you a business owner, marketing manager, blogger or an entrepreneur with a tight schedule and without enough time to create awesome blog posts, emails, sales letter, newsletters and other marketing materials that can help you get more sales and generate more leads?

That is my job, I am here to help.


I’ve motivated, inspired individuals to self-discovery and development as well as trendy business ideas that have brought fulfillment in many people and businesses.

My aim is to help bring you up to your feet, inspire hope and confidence and have your message spread across in the most creative way.